"I'm quite interested in drawing fandom characters in high thighs, and many of the designs in the socks are very cute. Can I please use this blog for reference?"

Lol I don’t own any of these pictures you dont need to ask go ahead.

  "I'm a guy but I've wanted to try knee high and thigh high socks, soccer socks are decent, but I'm wearing them out. I did get some "knee high" socks from a place called Sock Dreams, but, being made for women, they only reach to upper shin when stretched. I was wondering if you think it's weird that a guy like wearing these kind of socks? I was also wondering if you knew where I could get socks that fit, since I'm taller and have fatter thighs then most women?"

Here are a couple Men’s thigh highs:

Also, I’m not one of the tumblr social justice “People should wear whatever they want and not be judged” type of people. Guys wearing thigh highs is weird and people are gonna look at you funny, but you’re not hurting anybody, you’re doing what makes you happy, so fuck what other people think. If you get negative comments on it just say “I like these, and it makes me happy, it doesn’t hurt anybody, who are you to judge me?” Good luck!

knee High Socks.

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  "it's offensive to put pictures with rich skinny bitches.where is the real beauty of real girsl not stupid chinese and other stupid twats?!?!?"

those are socks not chinese girl’s vaginas

  "Why do you made this blog?"


Sweetbox store review. Panties & Stockings 

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